September 8, 2005

Another myth busted

I really hoped I was done with Hurricane posts, but the misinformation seems to weigh me down.

We have already proven the Mayor of New Orleans and the Governor really screwed the pooch. Come on, do I have to point out the school bus pix again? Now we are hearing it is all the President's and republican Legislature's fault that the levees were not fixed. Because the funding was cut from the budget, the levees failed and BushHitlerHaliburton killed thousands. One, even if the funding had been approved, do any of you think the work would start and complete in a few months, weeks , or even years? This is the Government! We have been waiting four years to get a traffic light installed in the town where I live (yes I am aware that it is a State, not Federal problem).

It appears we have the leftist Enviro weenies to blame. It seems they are the ones who objected to improvements to prevent the flooding of New Orleans, because saving people and property always takes a backseat to preserving wetlands, animals and the environment to the likes of The Sierra Club:

[T]here was a proposed flood prevention project, aborted nearly thirty years ago, which would have alleviated the flooding of New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina. This project was to build floodgates at Chef Menteur and Rigolets passes to block storm surges from the Gulf causing Lake Pontchartrain to flood New Orleans, which is what happened during Hurricane Katrina.

Why was this project aborted? Environmentalists sued to have it stopped. An environmentalist group stated the proposed Rigolets and Chef Menteur floodgates of the Lake Pontchartrain Hurricane Prevention Project would have a negative effect on the environment.

During the course of the trial the defense counsel, US Attorney Gerald Gallinghouse, felt so strongly that the project should continue that, according to one source, he said, "...He would go before the United States Congress with (Congressman) F. Edward Hebert to pass a resolution, exempting the Hurricane Barrier Project from the rules and regulations of the National Environmental Policy Act because, in his opinion, it is necessary to protect the citizens of New Orleans from a hurricane."

Despite this, the judge ruled in favor of the environmentalists and the project was aborted. However, the ACE (Army Corps of Engineers) considered this project so important they never scrapped the plans for it. (stolen from C&S)

At this point, I guess we can blame all living Presidents for the flooding. There you go, Hillary, YOU (as Co-President) are to blame for listening to American hating, people hating enviromentalist dickwads. Hearings over, taxpayer money saved.


Anonymous said...

I dont totally disagree with all of what you said, but PLEASE!!! stop saying that people who speak out against the government automatically HATE america. Thats bullshit and you know it.

Anyway, yeah, there were a ton of mistakes made. Government all around needed to be more prepared for this. Years ago. People have known for a long ass time that this could happen and no one did anything. But, days before the hurricane hit, there should have been national guard (or some law enforcement) to get those people OUT. Property can be replaced, but human lives cannot.

Joe said...

Anyone who thinks an animal is more important than the safety of a person may not be an America hater, that might have been over the top. Anyone who would rather save a tree or a rat or any aniimal over a human, well I do not have any use for them.

Too bad we did not have some way to get the people out before the hurricane, I only wish there had been some means...something like school buses... just thinking out loud.

GUYK said...

Oh, they are America haters alright. The most vocal of the environmentalists are backed by various socialist groups who call for the downfall of our capitalist sytem. Maybe they don't hate Anerica-just they hate the American way of life. Same with the donk leaders who are advocating socialist ideas as a cure all. All it amounts too is greed-they want to loot the producers and not have to produce themselves.

Anonymous said...

Right, cuz its all the poor folk who have started the socialist movement.

I have a hard time believing that trying to make change means that they HATE. Thats just stupid right wing rhetoric. It makes me nuts. There are things that I would like to see different because i LOVE this country, as do most liberals. Anyone who thinks different is a moron.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Hey breezy-brain:
Pull it out, and do something besides burn the hippy-lettuce - like reading the Constitution and the Bill of Rights for a change. There is no such freaking thing as the right to never be offended, the right to emergency relief, the right to abortions or sex-change operations at taxpayers' expense, etc. The Founding Fathers intentionally left shit like that out, because they did not want to empower bribe-tyrants, like FDR, LBJ, or the pseudo-Conservative socialists running the country into the ground now, with their altruistic copouts:
Grow TF up and deal with it!

Anonymous said...

Chill out, dude. Where the F*** did i talk about rights up there? You need to go smoke some weed or something like all us damn liberal hippies who are going to kill all your babies and take ALL YOUR MONEY!!!! Watch out.....

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