September 26, 2005

Death Row Meal

I fixed beef and noodles last night for supper. I served them the way we do in central Indiana, over a heap of mashed potatoes. I know, that is two starches. I do not care.

I just returned from lunch where I had the leftover beef and noodles for lunch, sans potatoes. That is one of the truly great foods in this world. Beef and noodles are even better heated up the next day.

I loves my noodles. Not the slick pasta aisle noodles. I like the thick, soft, almost like thin-cut dumpling noodles. Full of starch and beefy goodness, they stick to your ribs as you do a hard days work of farming, lumberjacking, construction or making spreadsheets.

I have a lot of food I like: pizza, steak, tacos, and cheeseburgers. When I return from Europe, the first thing I want is a big juicy hamburger. To be honest, if I had one meal to eat -- the last food I would ever taste -- it would have to be beef and noodles with mashed potatoes. That, my friends, would be my death row meal. What would you choose?


Anonymous said...

Mine would be simalar.
Beef roast with potatoes, onions, and carrots.

Anonymous said...

Beef and noodles is one of the best meals around.

I think my death row meal would be: pork tenderloin with homemade mashed potatoes and green beans. With a blueberry muffin. (I'm hungry now thanks HB)

Jenifer D. said...

My deathrow meal would be a big bowl of chicken broth...eaten with a fork. :-)

GUYK said...

Do Do Bird Breast under glass. Seeing as how the birds are extinct maybe it would take a while to find them. But, no doubt they would try to subsitute a chicken and CON me.

Anonymous said...

Man you made me hungry! Most people where I live have never heard of beef & noodles, much less the Indiana kind. Last meal would have to be a huge tenderloin sandwich...nobody here's ever heard of those either. Yuuuummmmm

delftsman3 said...

T-Bone steak, medium rare, tossed salad with Italian dressing, homemade mashed potatoes, spinache with balsamic viniger, and maple pecan ice cream

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Henry's prime rib with the full options package.
And a schooner of Michelob Amber Boch.
No doubt!

Anonymous said...

You'd love Udon noodles. :) They're thick, doughy. Delicious.

Me- I'd choose grilled salmon with steamed kobacha squash, carrots, daikon, and kale with shoyu and gomasio, and some brown rice.

OR Shepherd's pie, the way I make it. Rich, delightfully fattening and full of salt. :p

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