September 15, 2005

Department of Child Services

I try very hard not to burden these pages with local news or concerns, because to the best of my knowledge, not a single local reads this blog. I want to highlight an example or two of how government encroaches upon our freedoms.

The counties of Indiana are beginning the budget process. As this affects me right in the wallet, I try to pay a little attention. (As an aside, why do we not have a provision in local, state and federal law that prevents the budget from EVER increasing higher than the rate of inflation for the previous year?)One of the agencies that came forward looking for a substantial increase this year was the Department of Child Services. This agency oversees troubled children, abused children, foster care, etc. This year they are looking for a budget of $3.8 million Dollars.

I live in a rural/suburban county. The population of Shelby County in 2004 was 43,717. That means DCS expects every man, woman, and child to contribute $87.00 next year to their needs. Of course, only adults pay taxes, so that means a burden of $118. In Indiana, these agencies are funded by property taxes. That means only those of us who own a home (the more successful) will pay $229 each next year to fund this agency.

I am all for protecting children. But do we really need to place a child in a $300 per day facility? At some point should not the taxpayers, and those who are so free with spending our money, ask themselves "if I had to pay for this service out of my pocket would it be worthwhile?".

You see, today it is all about making sure each individual does not feel left out. Everything must be geared to promoting self esteem. Children with developmental and behavior problems cannot be excluded from the general classroom. It does not matter that one disruptive student cheats the other 20 kids in the class from their education. Little Tommy Troublemaker must not be made to feel bad that he is different.

The standardized test required for graduation that indicates you can do 10th grade work is too hard for the retarded kids? Why, we will give them a waiver and give them a diploma anyway. What happened to the fact that the diploma indicates you have completed the required coarsework? Why are we allowing students to graduate who can only do 10th grade level work?

Do you a third grader that threatens other kids, spits on the teacher and trashes a classroom? Today we respond by hiring an aide to sit by him all day long. We do not want to hurt little Kenny the (future) Killer's self esteem.

We spend more money on remedial and special education initiatives in this country than we do helping those students with above-average abilities. Under the socialist recommendations of the Teacher's Unions we just give those kids busy work projects. We assign them some of the bad students to "tutor". In essence, the school system does everything in its power to make sure everyone is mediocre.

Let us consider the facts. Who are going to be our future politicians, our doctors, our lawyers, our scientists? Which student is more likely to cure cancer? Billy Bright or Joe Average student? As I have stated in the past I am a cold hearted SOB. The student with below average intelligence is going to be a drain on society forever, via unemployment, food stamps, Department of Child Services if he beats his kids. Why should we be spending extra money on him now? Lets give the funding to our brightest prospects, the future of the country is in their hands. I would much rather give an extra $229 of my hard earned wages to a student that will invent the first water powered car.


GUYK said...

Yep. My wife worked for the state as a counselor in the child and family services dept. It was a bloated service that was underfunded for what they were expected to do but the hell of it was that they were expected to do too much. Most of what they did was infringe on the rights of parents. My wife worked as a foster care childrens counselor and din't get envolved with the investigations. But fdrom what she told e if they ever knocked on my door and identified themselves I would run them off with a gun! And, they have too damn much power. I could write a book about it and may just do some posting on it.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Listen, dammit:
Don't you realize that if you don't shell out to fund this freaking pork-barrel, all those damned friends and relatives of political fatcats and their backers, will have to get real jobs?
You "mean-spirited" cretin, you:)!

Anonymous said...

That is the most cruel and heartless thing you have ever said. I dont even think I can respond right are the most selfish, arrogant, self-rightous person I have ever run across.

Arent you a christian?

Anonymous said...

And Ted- Why doesnt your blog doesnt allow comments from people other than bloggers? Are you afraid of what you might hear about yourself? I wont say what I want to towards you on someone else's spot.

GUYK said...

Damn son, sounds like breezy is a fan of yours.

Anonymous said...

I got this from the consititution website. It says:

"For children with disabilities special education is available. To qualify for special education a child's disability must adversely affect the child's educational performance. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (20 U.S.C. §§ 1400 et seq) establishes a process for evaluating a child's special needs and for providing an individualized education program. The Federal Act is binding on all states. In addition, most states have their own laws which parallel the Act. Under the Act, parents and families of special education children have specific rights such as the right to inspect the child's school records."

And your boy Bushy is all about the NCLB act, which is ineffective and costs the school system a crapload of extra money.

Every child has the right to equal eduction. Its our duty as PEOPLE, human beings, to educate ALL children. And those who need extra help should get it. Not just those who YOU deem worthy. Thats bullshit.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

My blog does not allow anonymous comments as a security measure against hucksters looking for free space to pimp f&%$-dope, baldness non-cures, credit cards/accounts and other freebees for deadbeats, etc. It's also quite effective at keeping away the red-diaper, doper-hippy set who spend way too much time doing J's to form a coherent, non-empty-headed-emotionalism based opinion on current events.
Bureaucrats are NOT your friends, breezy.
They are leeches upon your income, and the looters who feed them can do so only after taxing from you at gunpoint. Freedom, or free lunch...YOU CAN'T HAVE BOTH!

Anonymous said...

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