September 28, 2005

New Federalists

Right Wing Rocker has part two in a series of posts about the New Federalist Party. For many of us increasingly disillusioned Conservatives and small l libertarians this is exactly what we are looking for. So far I like what the party stands for. Unfortunately without a greater following, the Party is nothing more than a waste of votes.

The key question is can such a party fight through all of the impediments placed in its way by the two established parties to become a viable entity? Is the political expediency of trying to take over the Republican Party a better alternative?

This is the approach to Government I have been searching for. I am pleased to know I am not alone in my political thought. Can we be successful? Seventy years of big Government nannyism will be hard to overcome!


Grampapinhead said...

Although I share your libertarian principles on this, you would do well to look over your shoulder before plunging ahead. History has taught us that the rise of an independent party to third party status can be a fatal shot to the foot.
The 'New Federalist Party' will siphon many more votes away from the conservatives than the liberals, thus leading to Democratic rule. Not by majority, but, by default. The Federalis would do much better by working within to reshape the Republicans.

Grampapinhead said...

OK, after re-reading your piece and my comments I reposted it with minor corrections, quoted and linked your article as both opinions deserve more exposure.
Thank You

GUYK said...

I have to think about this some. Both the republiacs and democrats are a long way from the roots of their beginnings. The republican party of Lincoln is closer no to the democratic party of LBJ. I have been advocating a new party-I like what I read here. But I also supported the libertarian party until they got some pot head nuts as leaders. For right now I am doing my best to convince the republican leadership that they are not republicans in the sense of republicanism. I hope that there are enough of us to take the control of the party away from the right wingers who espouse the christian virtues but are actually thieves and hypocrits who will say whatever they have to to stay in power and feather their own nests.

Politics is about control and political parties are controling. Georeg Washington warned the country about the formation of political parties because of this. At this point I am going to do some more research, reread the Federalist papers, and convert my savings into precious metal and bury it in the back yard. It looks like stormy weather ahead.

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