September 26, 2005

You make me sick, Evan Bayh.

Most of you have likely never heard of Evan Bayh. He is the son of a long-time Democrat Senator. He has served as Secretary of State and Governor of Indiana. He is now one of the State's Senators. He wants to be President.

This will shock some of you, but I have voted for Bayh many times, including every run for Governor and his first run at Senator. He has long been immensely popular in Indiana. As Governor, he was a fiscal conservative, conservative to moderate on social programs. He instituted welfare reform and kept the State in the black.

He continues to win elections in the State, easily defeating his opponent in 2004. I am not sure that would be the case if Hoosiers knew his true voting record. He is positioning himself as a moderate Democrat, but moving every day to the left.

Now he has decided to vote against the Roberts nomination. Not because he feels there is an ideological issue, after all it, was Bayh who did his introduction (Roberts is also a Hoosier). Bayh is voting against Roberts because Evan Bayh is running for President in 2008 and he knows he must win over the far left wing of his party to get the nomination.

Here is what we have, just another asshole politician working only to his next election. Thanks Evan for forgetting that you are in Washington to represent the People of Indiana. Thanks Evan for selling out a fellow Hoosier for no other reason than politics. Thanks Mr. Bayh for only looking out for yourself. I am not surprised, I am not even disappointed. Mostly I am sickened by what the political process in our country has become.

I know, I have studied history and it is no different than when Washington actively politicked for the first Presidency. I do have a sense that Truman, Jackson, FDR, yes, even that asshole Carter, all tried to do what they thought best. Not you, Evan Bayh, just look out for old number one. There is the legacy of Bill Clinton. When Bayh's name comes up in your local primary in a couple of years remember this post, and vote accordingly. I will.


Anonymous said...

I worked on Marvin Scotts campaign against Bayh. Trying to expose Evan for what he is was very difficult. Most people see him as "Indiana's Zell". Marvin never had a chance. It was sad and very hard to work on. We had 0 name recognition and a very tight budget. The state Party was pouring all their money into MItch and "54 in 04" for the State house. we worked hard though. We just need a bigger candidate next time. Don't worry, we'll get him.

Eagle One said...

Great job, HoosierBoy. Too many people assume that Senator Bayh is the same man with the same ideals of former Governor Bayh. Too many people wouldn't believe me if I told them that Bayh has voted with Ted Kennedy 95% of the time since being re-elected. Bayh is the only Senator (so far) from a solid Bush state to oppose Roberts.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Don't worry HB: Bayh will not win his "party's" nomination. The Kakostocrats and the Washington-Hellyweird Establishment are working hard to clear the path for Hitlery Clinton in 2008. By next year, the intermediate stages of pimping "the lizard queen" will start: Urinalists writing columns about all the "good" she's done for hurricane relief, baby kissing shots, etc.
When that lesbian becomes president, pack your pajamas and head for the Bahamas!

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