October 3, 2005

Dear President Bush

Dear President Bush and Leaders of the Republican Party,

This is an open letter to express my disappointment. I originally was going to write in regard to your pick to replace O'Connor on the Supreme Court. Apparently you felt the need to replace a piss poor Justice with one who has even less credentials. I guess it was not too much to ask that you find a candidate who does not actually CONTRIBUTE to the Democrat Party, and Al Gore. I guess a record of conservative, Constitutional judgments in important cases is too much to ask. I guess NOT picking from a list of approved judges offered from Harry Reid and the Democrat Party is out of the question.

I have voted virtually a straight ticket for almost 25 years. In the last 12 years I have voted for exactly one Democrat. It was my neighbor who was running for coroner. I guess you could say I have been loyal. I have donated modest sums to the party and candidates. I am sure I am not alone when I say to you, Republican Party, WAKE UP. Just 10 years ago you offered hope to middle America with the Contract for America. Despite Democrat and Liberal spin, this declaration ushered you to power. Now you have squandered that largesse.

I am sick of you spending my money like a lotto winner in Tijuana. You promised to reduce government, in size, scope, intrusiveness, and spending. It is bigger in every facet. Corruption reigns at every level. You have expanded the Education Department, not eliminated it as we hoped. The EPA continues to regulate with impunity. You have Federalized airport screeners, making air travel worse, not more efficient and safer. You have refused to replace the Sec of Transportation, who is more concerned with political correctness instead of stopping terrorists. I repeat myself, but wake up, Arab males between 18 and 40 are blowing up stuff, not old ladies. It is not profiling to look for the people actually doing the crimes. If a white male around 20 years old committed a crime would you have officers stop people at random to search for the suspect?

You continue to fund the NEA and Public Broadcasting. You refuse to address the huge problem of illegals in this country. Instead of stopping the problem you ridicule citizens who try to make a difference and want to give amnesty to those who break the law. You offer unprecedented aid to hurricane victims and the families of 9/11. Yet you do not remember that it is my money you are so free with. Republican senators and representatives insert huge pork measures in bills, becoming clones of the Democrats they replaced.

Mr. Bush, I voted for you in the last election for four reasons:

1. Kerry was a joke, I would rather not vote than choose him
2. The war on terror
3. The chance to put strict Constitutionalist judges on the SCOTUS
4. A hope that this time around you would opt for fiscal conservative measures, as you would be a lame duck president.

I think the relentless pressure of the press and liberal media has gotten to you. You are a coward like your father. He gave in on taxes in a misguided idea that that would make the press like him. You have done the same. You have promised huge sums of money to social programs, you have not sought corresponding cuts in the budget to pay for it. You have not relentlessly pursued the war on terror against Syria, Hamas, Iran and North Korea. What happened to the "Bush Doctrine"? You have not chosen the strict Constitutionalist judges we had hoped for.

President Bush, Republican Party, I am more than disappointed. I am sick. I feel betrayed. I do not know what I will do next election, but you should look around and see I am not alone. Do not be surprised when massive apathy elects the opposition. At least the Democrats are true to their word, they have always claimed they are for big government and high taxation. You just lie.

Like a jilted lover I am not sure how many more times I will stand for you cheating on me. You better be coming around on your knees begging for forgiveness. Roses are nice, but I would rather see concrete proof you have changed your ways. Maybe a new contract is in order?


Anonymous said...

Well said. My disappointment grows by the day.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Its about time some of y'all starting realizing the man is a complete idiot and f*** up. Too bad you didnt listen to us to begin with!

And nice move, nominating someone who is completely unqualified for the supreme court. Ego maniac.

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

We shall see what happens.
And breezy, I'm still not listening to you.
Kerry would put up Hillary or Soros.
No way.

Joe said...

CUG you are right, no matter my disapointment with GW, it is far and away better than the other choice!

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