October 27, 2005

GW -- stop being a patsy

Miers has withdrawn her nomination. I can say that does not upset me much. I am echoing Limbaugh and others here when I say it is time GW showed a set of balls.

Now is the time to nominate the literal, conservative judge we elected GW to nominate. Do you think Kerry would have thought twice about nominating the most liberal, international law citing asshat he could find? Swimmer Kennedy would be up for nomination as Chief Justice and The Grand Wizard Byrd would be replacing O'Connor. It is time to tell the Republicans in the Senate to step up and do the country's business. If I were Bush, I would have every Republican in to the office and lay out the law. The American people elected the Republicans to give us smaller government, responsible spending, a Supreme Court that follows the Constitution. The People did not elect Republicans to make friends with Democrats, to compromise, to spend like a drunken sailor on leave.

Did the Donks roll back their socialist agenda in the 50 plus years they controlled Congress? Why should we? You were placed there to do a job. When are we going to get serious about immigration? Why are we supporting the Palestinian Authority. They are harboring and encouraging terrorists. I thought GW laid out the Bush Doctrine that said we would seek out and destroy terrorists and the countries that harbor them. Put Syria on notice. Tell Iran to get their shit in a sock. Tell the PA that not only are we going to kick their ass if they do not clean up their own human garbage, but we will let Israel help. Lebanon -- same thing. North Korea, STFU, play by international rules or starve. Marx said the proletariat would always turn to revolution when their conditions were bad enough. the people will get rid of Kim in time.

Face it GW, the press, the Democrats, the Hollywood liberals are always going to hate you. You are marked in history just like Clinton. Do not go down trying to kiss the liberal ass. Stand up for what got you elected, Conservatism. Reagan did it and he will be listed as one of the greatest Presidents in history. Do not fold. We have been waiting 5 years for you to stand up and be strong. Now is the time.

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