October 28, 2005

I got memed. Is that a word?

Alli tagged me. I need a post. Here goes.

1. Five things I plan to do before I die:
A. have grandchildren
B. say I sorry and make amends
C. travel
D. retire
E. buy a motorcycle

2. Five things I can do:
A. start a fire three ways without matches
B. throw a knuckleball
C. carry on a conversation
D. play Euchre
E. tell jokes from memory

3. Five things I can’t do:
A. ice skate
B. snow ski
C. tolerate stupidity
D. understand liberals
E. walk away from an argument (but I am getting better)

4. Five things that attract me to the opposite sex:
A. eyes
B. boobs
C. brains
D. humor
E. boobs

5. Five things I say most often:
A. 37
B. um
C. Oh come on
D. Dear Lord...
E. G**Damn it

6. Five celebrity crushes:
A. none really

7. Five people I want to do this:

come on volunteer

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