October 17, 2005

I think I need help

I do not remember where I read it, I know I was young, but I remember a story about a boy who admired his father's snow shoveling prowess. The boy was amazed at his father's ability to shovel a path perfectly straight through the drifted snow. My Dad was like that. He could shovel a path and mow the yard in perfectly straight strips. That might be the source of one of my idiosyncrasies.

I like straight strips mowed into my yard. One week I go North and South, the next East and West. On occasion, I mow diagonal strips, but in every case I like them perfectly straight. I have been know to go back and mow over parts that are crooked. I usually lay down my mows as if there were a chalk line, but yesterday as I made my turn, it looked like a drunk monkey had mowed the back yard.

Sometimes I really worry about myself. I think that there might be something wrong with me. I have previously related that I hear music in my head -- ALL THE TIME. I am confident this is not normal. I am equally confident getting pissed because I mowed the yard crooked is also a little weird.

Then there is the clock thing. I am unable to close my eyes if the numbers on the clock next to the bed are in a pattern. 1:23 No way. 12:05, Nope. 10:00 never. I have real problems at 12:10 through 12:15. Only 12:14 is acceptable sleep time. I cannot set an alarm for an even "00" or "05". I have to set it for 5:59, not 6:00.

I know, this is borderline O/C behavior. Am I off my rocker, or do you have similar superstitions, habits and weird idiosyncrasies?


Anonymous said...

I think some people have some weird quirky things about them. you could have a little bit of OCD, but you can really only be diagnosed as such if its greatly affecting or impacting your daily living. Can you get to work everyday? Can you maintain relationships? Can you take care of yourself meaning eat right(or sort of right), can you accomplish the little things on a daily basis? Can you manage money?

does that make sense?

SuperGurl said...


i smell bullshit...and yes, i'm equally quirky, for me it's perfectly aligned silverware and perfect nail polish, but ya know, to each his own..

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

breezy got it going on.
I think you really shouldn't concern yourself too much HB. As long as you are aware of the issue, you are NOT crazy, or anything. I try to mow and plow straight patterns, but the lawnmower is gay (I think he's been getting it on with the snowblower), so it doesn't work.
I prescribe a shot of Maker's Mark every night after work. It may not treat or cure the problem, but you'll feel better about it.
Besides, most doctors nowdays couldn't cure a bad case of morningwood!

Anonymous said...

I read blogs at ridiculous hours.

Anonymous said...

It's true, we're all a little bit lazy from time to time. And winter is coming. So you're right, as usual, it's time for john deere 338 snow blower to make our life just a little bit easier!

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