October 31, 2005

Jumping on the meme bandwagon

Nearly everyone in the blogosphere has published their version of the "_____ needs meme". How it works is you type in your name and "needs" into google, then look at the answers. Here are my results:

Hoosierboy needs for Ted "Swimmer" Kennedy to try that Chapaquiddick Bridge one more time. This time with Hillary Clinton along for the midnight drive. And we need the water deeper, and Swimmer drunker.

Hoosierboy needs that stupid Arby's oven mitt to erupt into a smoky, smoldering goo of melted cotton and nylon, never to plague the airwaves again. That goes for that damn Travelocity gnome, Quiznos baby, and lizard from the insurance company also.

Hoosierboy needs lots of blog hits, comments, and money. A naked supermodel straddling my face would not be a bad idea either.

Hoosierboy needs a ban on all things Halloween. Come on Parents, what values are you teaching your kids -- looting and begging? No wonder this holiday has grown so much; it is the liberal dream. Give me, give me. Sigh, I know, it has never worked at my house either.

That is what I got when I tried the meme. Do it yourself and see what you get.

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