October 25, 2005

RIP Rosa

I wanted to make some comments about Rosa Parks today. As usual other talented writers have said it better than I ever could. Moonbatty is one of them.

I have to wonder, if Rosa and Malcom X, and the Reverend King would be happy about the turn the civil rights cause has taken. Was it their idea that leaders like Jackson and Sharpton have become little more than shakedown artists and race baiters?

Just wondering.

Rest in Peace, Mrs. Parks, your seat is secure in Heaven.

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GUYK said...

I had then and have now a tremedous amount of respect for Mrs parks although I did not have all that much for Dr King. I think King has the right ideas about a peaceful movement to force the attention on the racial problems in the south. Howver, I also think that he was well aware of the violence that would follow after he left. There was probably no other way for the civil rights movement to succeed though and I reckon King was only doing what he had to do.

The one's that have followed him though, the Jessie Jackson types are making their livings on racial bias and could not survive without it. I have no use for themnor their bigoted followers.

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