October 26, 2005

This would be sad if it was not so funny

This is a couple of days old, but it is funny as hell.

The sad fact is that these people are out there. They are working and living and VOTING in your community. They are your neighbors. They think Hitler is paying them to do the ironing. They think they have to line the bed in foil to prevent perverted aliens from filming them having sex. These people believe that the Government is hiding aliens in Nevada (imagine, a race smart enough to get to Earth from the far reaches of this or another galaxy, but are incapable from escaping from Area 51).

These people believe that Bush lied about WMDs in Iraq (even though these mysterious WMDs were the basis for an attack by Slick Willie during the Lewinsky thing. These lunatic people believe that the White House "leaked" the name of a CIA Operative, who never left her desk, who was named as a CIA officer in public documents years before her husband lied about a trip to Africa. These people believe that Bush "stole" not one, but two elections. They believe a sitting President knew about an attack on the US and did nothing to prevent it.

I was listening to the end of an interview with David Horowitz at lunch. He verbalized something I have thought for quite some time. Why is it when a conservative discusses ideology and position with a leftist, we look at their ideas as misguided, loony, pie in the sky. We try to point out that most of their ideas have been tried and failed. We posit their arguments as I have above, irrational, delusional, misguided, wrong, yet good intentioned. When the opposition describes a conservative it is always in terms of evil. We want to starve old people and the homeless. We want to destroy the environment. We wage war for profit and oil. We are killing people just to make war. Rove is Evil. Bush is Hitler. Never mind that in scope of socialist ideology Kerry and Gore are both the close cousin of the NAZI party, the communists of the USSR and the Khmer Rouge. Still, I would never call them Nazis, or mass murders. Do the liberals really think Conservatives want dirty air and water? Do you believe we have so little compassion for the fellow man we would like him to starve? In some of my electronic conversations with leftist (like Moonbatty or Breezy) they are shocked we believe in many of the same basic principles, we only disagree on the means to get there. A liberal believes that government is the answer to problems, I believe we should help ourselves. Does that make me evil?

I think there is a secret stash of lead paint, and most of the DU eats lead paint chips for a snack while they watch PBS in the evening. My only question, is do you eat salsa or dip with lead paint chips?

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