October 12, 2005

True confessions of a Hoosierboy

I need to come clean. I have a confession to make that I am sure will shock many of you. No it is not that I enjoy wearing women's underwear. No it is not an addiction to midget porn, like Steve H at Hog on Ice. It is not even that I used t o drink Stroh's beer with regularity (I did). It is worse.

I LIKE Spam. No, not the kind from Lexie or anonymous. Not the dog clothing or asparargus spam I have been getting whacked with in my archives.

side note: Can someone please explain the marketing position behind spamming old posts? Wouldn't you want to hit the posts most likely to be read?

No, I like Spam, the processed pork product in a can. I prefer it fried, like I had for lunch today. Yes, two fried Spam sandwiches with mustard were on the menu at HB's house. I topped the meal with a Dr Pepper, if you have to know the details.

I like spam diced up with tomato and onion in scrambled eggs. I have even eaten it diced on a salad and grilled on the BBQ. I once baked a whole can of Spam laced with cloves, just like a quality ham. It wasn't bad.

Yes, Sam I am, I will eat Spam. Will you? With fox, in a box? In the rain or on a train? Will you, will you, eat spam, Sam I am?


Alli said...

Spam is usually to increase your google ranking. The more references you have the higher you come up on the search when someone wants to find you.

I've never had spam, the stuff in the can. My dad likes it though, it smells icky. He says "I had worse when i was in the Army"... *shudder* If thats true, I hope they eat better now then they did 20 years ago.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Don't blame U at all, HB.
I got cans of that shit in my Emergency Kits in the car and at home.
There is no greater compliment you can pay a food item than that you would choose it for what could potentially be your last meal.

WWWGeek said...

I love spam as well and was mildly insulted when they named that crap that I get emailed after it.

I grew up eating a GREAT spam dish: sliced potatoes and spam layed in a deep dish with cheese, then baked. It is the best.

Anonymous said...

.. I gotta admit... I likes me a spam sammitch every once in a while..

Anonymous said...

Hillbillies. Gross.

The Blah Brain said...

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