October 13, 2005

Your history and Economics lesson for the day (there you go Bane)

Who do you list as great President? What do you think of Social Security, the WPA, other New deal Programs? FDR brought us out of the Great Depression, right? Read this and think again.


GUYK said...

I was never a fan of FDR. He might not have been a socialist but he was at least a populist and started the country down the path to socialism. However there were some things that he did that I agree with. One was the regulation of banks and the guaranteed deposit. Banks going under was the primary cause of the great depression. Both of my grandparents lost everything they had during the depression-one was a businessman who had more than enough money to pay ever debt that he had. But when the banks closed his notes were called and he lost everything-including what was in the bank.

But, the Davis Bacon act that was loaded in favor of labor unions was enough in itself to turn me against FDR. He also froze the price ofgold and had laws passed to prohibit Americans from owning gold bullion. He had to pack the supreme court to get a lot of the laws past constitutional muster and we have not been the same as a country since.

We have had an artificial economy since the day that minimum wages laws were passed. The bigger it gets the more government regulation it takes to control it and keep it from either exploding or imploding. One of these days it is going to do one or the eother and it ain't gonna be pretty. I expect to see it when GM and Ford take chap 11. It may be the mother of all recessions if not an actual depression.

Bane said...

'You' history? You mean history about me?

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Contrary to popular belief, FDR was not the worst President the country ever had. (Neither was Clinton.) I doubt we would have won WW2 without him. The worst President by far was LBJ, who couldn't even wait til Kennedy was cold in his box before making passes at his widow, and put the country in so much debt we lost the silver standard, building his "great (socialist) society" of catering to weakness and encouraging failure. He also let the damned hippies and commies get control of the Democratic party and destroy it!
The best President, bar none: Ronald Reagan, the last of the Republicans!

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