November 17, 2005

Culture Quiz -- The Hoosierboy responds

Thank you to all those who participated, I will be checking out your suggestions for movies, books, and recordings over the next few months. Here is how I would answer:

1. What music are you listening to right now?
I am starting to listen to Christmas music, but Neil Young's greatest hits is in my home CD player
bonus: how -- stereo, car, Ipod, etc.? stereo, mp3 player
2. What is your current favorite movie (or what is the last movie you saw/bought, rented etc.)? Christmas with the Kranks was the last movie I saw, favorites lately include Master and Commander and Jeremiah Johnson
3. What are you reading right now? Torpedo Juice by Tim Dorsey (2nd time), To the Last Man by Jeff Shaara (just finished) Sharpe's Trafalgar by Bernard Cornwell (just finished)
4. Who is your favorite author? Patrick O'Brian, WEB griffin, Stephen Coonts, Louis L'Amour
5. Name an album (cd) you would recommend? Yessongs by Yes
6. Name a book you would recommend? Time to Hunt by Stephen Hunter will leave you breathless. Flight of the Intruder by Stephen Coonts
7. Name three movies everyone should see. Zulu, The Blues Brothers, The Godfather
8. What is your favorite sport? baseball, football
9. Toilet paper -- roll off the top or off the bottom?top
10. What make / model/ color of car do you drive? Dodge Durango

and Mary Ann. I am also pretty sure the professor was shagging them both And Mrs. Howell.

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