November 22, 2005

Jimmy Carter are you high?

I once believed that although Jimmy Carter was a total failure as a President, he was always well intentioned. He still remains one of the worst Presidents in history, but I believe he is consumed by the knowledge he was a failure in both domestic and foreign policy, and that knowledge has made him a bitter nasty old man.

I saw Carter on the Leno show, and I had to turn him off before I puked all over the sofa. Carter has become so bitter about his failures he is becoming the worst kind of revisionist. Has he forgotten it was on his watch that the Islamofascist got their start? He was so weak they attacked Americans on American soil with impunity. Now this asshat has the gall to sit on TV and make statements so patently untrue, that anyone but an ex-President would be laughed from the public arena.

Let us start with the nonsense that Carter claims we "have always had a policy in this country that we never attack another country unless America is directly threatened. We do not make wars just to remove foreign leaders we do not like". Is this guy on drugs? If we examine the wars where America was attacked first, and our Country was directly threatened we have :

WW II, Civil War, War of 1812 (and that one is a stretch).

Now those wars we engaged when our Nation was not directly threatened:

Panama, the bombing of Lybia, The Gulf Wars, Grenada, Vietnam, Korea, WW I, The Philippine Insurrection, the Boxer Rebellion, the wars in Central America, the Spanish American War, The Mexican War, the War in Tripoli (pirate wars), and numerous skirmishes, wars, and actions all aimed at regime or policy change. These all affected American security or economic prosperity in one way or another.

For Carter to claim "it has always been our policy" is disingenuous at best, if not an outright lie. Maybe if he had reacted in a strong forceful manner instead of a hand wringing, "oh, my what am I going to do" pussified response to the Iranians we might have avoided the last 25 years of growing Islamic terror. Carter, you are a lying MOFO. Why don't you take your wrinkly old prune skin, your fake teeth, and your lying mouth away from my TV. Go home and choke on a peanut you old failure. Until that blessed day just shut the fuck up, you either do not know what you are talking about or you are a liar. You must have been into Billy's stash to utter such nonsense. Go away Jimmy f-ing traitor Carter.

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