November 29, 2005

A Shooting Spree on Memory Lane

Did you sing songs and rhymes when you were a kid? I bet you all chanted the Teacher , Teacher I declare, I see someone's underwear. How about the Batman jingle bells? There were lots of jump rope rhymes as well.

I woke this morning with one of those in my head this morning. Sung to Frere Jacques it goes like this:

marijuana, Marijuana
Scientists make it
Teachers take it
Why can't we?
Why can't we?

Then there was the one we sang to the local Lincoln Elementary that no one liked. Every other school in town chanted it also at school basketball and football games:
Lincoln stinkin'
What you been drinkin'
Smells like beer
Tastes like wine
Oh my gosh
Its turpentine.

Can you imagine getting away with either of those in today's politically correct atmosphere? Did you do this one:
First grade babies
Second grade tots
Third grade angels
Fourth grade snots
Fifth grade peaches
Sixth grade plums
And all the rest
Are dirty bums

Man, we were funny as hell when we were kids.

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