November 10, 2005

Those are great on...or even plain.

My daughter loves Christmas and everything about the holiday. She begins listening to Christmas music as soon as the trick or treaters shed their sweaty costumes and begin the candy count. She gets that from me, I love Christmas music too. I am ready for the Holidays. The big triumvirate of festivity: Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. The memories flood back of cardboard pillboxes, matchbox cars, the random pine needle that pierces your foot. The snow, the cold.

It is hard to imagine we are just a mere two weeks from Turkey Day. Yesterday, as I left for work the temperature was 68 degrees. This morning it was a chilly 36.

I am ready for the holiday season: the work load drops and I get time off between Christmas and New Years. The family will gather to celebrate the birth of Jesus. A few beers might be consumed, and there will be lots of food. I have been getting ready, I have been able to tighten my belt two notches in the last year. Time to fit those pants completely!

I would go home and watch my DVD of one of my favorite movies HOLIDAY INN, but my daughter took it last time she was home. All we need now is just a little snow.

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