November 28, 2005

Welcome Back

Boy, I hated Welcome Back Kotter. There was not really a character on the show I could stand. I have to say I did have the teenage hots for the wife though. I think I had the teen hots for every girl on TV.

It is back to work after the long weekend. I wish I could say I am thrilled and ready to go. The weekend was busy, so it is not like I got rested up. TWO thanksgiving dinners on Thursday, Started putting up the Christmas tree on Friday, along with several honeydo projects. Saturday we went to some friend's house. Yesterday was more decorating and projects. Little or no relaxing time at all. I need a vacation to recover from my holiday.

I have been faced with an interesting parenting challenge this week. How do you discipline your kids for doing the very thing you did when you were young, stupid and invincible? In fact, I did much worse. My oldest son got a ticket for reckless driving, he was going 26 mph over the speed limit. I am not as concerned about the ticket (he will pay the fine/ court costs/ driving school/ insurance hike), as the fact he was going 96 f-ing mph! I tried to explain the dangers of driving that speed, how easily he could have killed himself or his friends. I felt like a hypocrite the whole time. I not only drove fast, played bumper tag on the country roads, but sometimes did it all while drinking! I WAS AN IDIOT.

Now we wait for the court date in February to see what his punishment will be. He may even get his license suspended. I will not feel sorry for him.

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