November 15, 2005

Why do we need gay marriage?

I have lived my whole life in Indiana. Some of you will find that incredible. I have not lived in the big city. I have been to New York, to Philadelphia, Chicago, Houston, LA. I do not like those places. Am I a hick? By most standards, probably. Do I lack the urbane sophistication of the metropolitan citizen? Again, the answer is likely yes.

I can discuss wine, literature, history or sports. I can carry on a dialogue on politics or religion. I am capable of intellectual discourse on many a subject.

I would like to have a dialogue here on the old blog about a subject where I admittedly ignorant. It is my firm position that the government has no business sanctioning marriage. I think it is a holy bond between two people. I will also admit I am a lot less tolerant to the gay/homosexual lifestyle than I was in the past. Formerly, it was my policy that what two people did between the sheets was their own business. I guess I was a believer in the "don't ask, don't tell" policy. I feel the same way about people who are into feet, or stuffed animals , or football mascots. Whatever floats your boat, baby. Today I feel I am bombarded on every front by the gay agenda. It is presented in every TV show, every movie. We are assaulted by it everywhere we look. I am tired of it.

Several years ago we were at a Hard Rock Cafe. As we are coming down the red carpeted steps the couple in front of us stopped to engage in a deep, tongue thrashing kiss and grope session. I do not condone this behavior from anyone. I did not like being put into the position of trying to explain to my 7 year old why "those two women was kissing like that?" Both turned upon hearing the little voice and blocked the stairs waiting to hear my explanation, expectant anger already on their faces. I told him that sometimes there were girls who liked girls better than boys. He wanted to know "Why would they do that?" I said we would talk about it later, and thankfully his little boy mind was filled with more interesting ideas. Somehow I feel I failed him. The women were poised for a confrontation. I left feeling like a coward and a failure because I could not explain what I did not understand to a little boy.

There is a great deal of discussion lately about gay marriage. I am not sure why it has become so important to the gay crowd. I have a firm definition in my mind of what makes a marriage, but I am willing to listen to reason. I hear that homosexuals need the legal protections. I am seriously asking for someone to 'splain it to me. What legal and civil protections will be available to gays that they cannot get now through wills, and other legal documents? I can name whomever I choose to be a beneficiary to my insurance. I can name a guardian, in case I am incapacitated, I can spell out my wishes in a living will. A gay couple cannot be covered under a family life insurance in some cases, but neither can a live in couple. Is that it?

I would like to encourage a real dialogue in the comments about this subject -- free of religion and moral condemnation. Please, someone convince me why we need to offer special rights someone based solely on sexual preference.

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