December 26, 2005

I can't believe I ate the whole thing...

Well, I had a wonderful Christmas. The kids were pleased, I do not think they got anything they do not like. I got some new books, CDs and movies. A Colts shirt and new tie as well.

I fixed a nice turkey dinner last night, then we played Scene it and Trivial Pursuit last night.

We got a nice dusting of snow yesterday to round things off nicely.

Then I got up about 4 am. I have been puking until about an hour ago. I hope it is not my cooking, but no one else is sick. I was sure I was in serious trouble as I was puking copious amounts of blood. I was ready to get up my wife to take me to the hospital (bloody barf is bad, I believe), then I remembered I had a red cream soda earlier.

I still feel lousy though.

Hope your Christmas was good as well.

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