December 20, 2005

I do NOT heart NY

If you live in New York City I am sure you have better access to museums, plays, and a wide variety of shopping and dining choices. You also have more crime, cramped housing, homeless, parking troubles, and higher costs of living. You also have mimes, that alone is enough to make me declare the following.

I am sure I speak for many when I say I do not care if your transit workers are on strike. I do not care about your internal problems at all. What happens in your liberal tax hole are as important to me a the municipal elections in Altoona , PA. Just because you live there, writers and readers of the news does not make your city a story. Let it go, it should not dominate the entire news cast.

Every person I have met from or in NYC is a liberal, self-centered asshat. The sun neither rises nor sets on you dirty cramped streets. Get over yourselves.

edit: OK, everyone except Moonbattie, and maybe this one guy who lives down on Hester Street...


Erica said...

...and me? ;)

Joe said...

and Erica, she is way cool. I love Erica. She has redeemed my faith that there is something worthwile in the big city.

I cannot believe you commented on a post from 2005!

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