December 21, 2005

Media Bias part deux

Like the title? See, even ignorant Hoosiers can drop a bit of parlez vous into the conversation -- and that brings us to the topic for today.

Just because we in the Midwest and south talk a bit slower or have an accent does not make us stupid. I am sure this is a bias many of my friends from down south face daily. For those of us in the Midwest we are targeted as well. Here is a flash for you Yankees in the Northeast (and southern people get it straight -- people from the Midwest and west are not and have never been Yankees. That is a term for people and assholes from New England), we do have TV, and plays, and museums, and art here in flyover country. We are able to grow your food, build your cars and appliances.

Is there an East Coast media bias? In politics that is clear. How about in sports? For the past several days there has been a concerted movement to place Tiki Barber and Tom Brady as the MVPs of the NFL. Both are fine players, but there are at least four players more deserving. Why are they not getting the press? They play for teams in the west and Midwest.

Carson Palmer has been the best QB in the league this year. Payton Manning has put up unbelievable numbers again. Shaun Alexander and LaDanian Thompson are better all around backs than Barber. Brady get the accolades because he has played well despite his team being riddled with injuries. If we are looking for the best quarterback on a bad or unsuccessful team we should certainly be looking at Brett Favre and Kurt Warner. As far as long-term success, it would be impossible not to look at Manning -- his numbers are astonishing unless you compare to last year. He has lead his team to a 13-1 start. Palmer has been simply brilliant.

Of course it may be a coincidence that bone of the guys listed play for teams in major media outlets. It may be a coincidence that both the SI and ESPN websites published articles yesterday hyping Barber and Brady. Right.

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