December 1, 2005

Merry Christmas

Sometimes you run across stuff in the blog world that is so pure, so heartfelt, it makes you wish you could write like that. Here is a fine example from JamesOldGuy:

What would I really want for Christmas? My mind went through the usually list of things that cost a ton of money but that is not really what I wanted. It finally hit me as I drifted off to sleep. I want to be innocent again, I want to wake up Christmas morning as an 6 year old kid. I want to hear my mom fixing breakfast, and my dad sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee and nursing a small hangover from putting toys together all night with his friend Mr. Daniels. I want to run in the living room in my jimmies with my brothers and look at the tree with all the presents under it. I want to see that new sled under the tree and look out the window to a fresh coving of snow. I want to sit there and open toys as mom and dad sit on the couch and smile and laugh at their three crazy boys. I want the smell of Christmas dinner being prepared and a house filled with warmth and love and a family. That is what I really want, but I will have to settle for the memories

Damn that is perfect.

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