December 30, 2005

A Most Disturbing Sight

Last night the little one went to the high school basketball game, the oldest boy went to an under 21 club and the daughter (home from college) went to Indy with some friends to see a movie.

The wife and I found ourselves alone at home. I had a few suggestions on how to spend the evening. She did too. None of hers involved nudity, corn oil or a twister game. She won out, and that is how I found myself at the store getting a few items for supper.

I grabbed a couple of T-Bones, some asparagus and some large potatoes for baking. But I saw the most disturbing thing...the store already had the Valentines Day decorations and candy out. It is not even New Years! We have now developed a marketing culture of one steady 8-month long Holiday.

You know what I mean. The famous labordayholloweenthanksgivingchristmasnewyearsvalentinessaintpatrick day holiday. It lasts from August until March. We get a month or two break as the marketers try to press July 4th (the single greatest holiday)white sales on us. Then it all starts again. I think I will boycott. Maybe I will just drink until I forget. No one is going to mass market me. I will just get my Superbowl commemorative glasses and enjoy the Bud Bowl.

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