January 16, 2006

Fat in Indiana Hits 500

It began in a humble fashion.
"I will post on whatever I care to write about. It may be political, humorous, or just boring, but you will always get my best. I may post some of my stories. I may post on historical items that interest me. It may just be crap".

That was from my very first post last March. Not much has changed. This is post number 500 for Fat in Indiana. I never thought I would make it a month, forget through 500 posts. I thank those of you who stop by here to read my bombasts, my bad jokes, my stories,and to chuckle at my cartoons. I thank the GOC for his monster link when I got my 1,000th visitor. I thank Alli for her support when I first started. Her comment, "I will keep reading you" kept me at it when I despaired that I would have no one to feed my ego.

I got my 10,000th hit in December, 500th post in January and my blogeversary is coming in March. There are exiting times here at Fat in Indiana. At least one thing is going right this year. I enjoy this blog as much as anything I have done in a while. Thanks for reading, I hope to give you 500 more posts this year.

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