January 1, 2006

In the midnight hour...

We went to a New Year's party last night. Lots of fun, lots of kids, lots of food. I imbibed a bit, but just the right amount 'cause I feel great this morning. Slept in past 9 am, late for me. That may have something to do with getting home after three am. I saw millions of you out there were celebrating my 10K of visitors, even old Dick Clark got into the act. He dropped the code word for Fat in Indiana -- "Happy 2006". I hope you all celebrated my achievement in a worthy fashion. Some people even set off fireworks in my honor. Clearly that is too much, save that for 100K! But I am honored.

I spent the turning of the calendar kissing my girl, as I have every New Years since 1978. The thrill is still there when I kiss her lips.

No resolutions from the Hoosierboy, don't make 'em, so there is no failure when I don't keep 'em! No year end lists, no year end summaries, I leave that to other pundits and more capable writers.

Thank you for bothering with this blog, I often wonder what brings you here, I know it is not my editing, I cannot spell worth a damn. I never learned to type, so I know there are many proofreading errors. I even realize I am not much of a writer (I once was, but business writing has ruined me). I am not sure there is even much thought-out reasoning and well framed arguments to be found here. I guess I am in the Acidman's 90% of blogs suck category (I know DeBeste actually said it, but not many know who he is anymore). I do know I enjoy sharing with you, and look forward to each comment, link, and hit on the old sitemeter. For that I thank you and wish you the Happiest of New Years.

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