January 30, 2006

Monday Meanderings

It is Super Bowl week, and I just cannot get excited. I do not know if it is a lingering effect of the Colt's loss, or the weather. January weather in the Northern States is tough. It is not the cold -- we have had one of the warmest Januaries in history -- it is the grayness. The days of low-hanging clouds. The rain, the snow.

I look out the window today and the view is like a early 60's episode of the Twilight Zone. There is no color, just shades of gray. The cars are dirty, the streets are covered in grit. Puddles mark the low spots in the adjacent gravel lot. The sky is solid cloud cover, not dark, brooding storm clouds, but a gray patina from horizon to horizon. It is just warm enough to make you think you can do some projects outside, but the wind has that bite that makes it uncomfortable to be outside too long.

Back to the Super Bowl. I can live with the Colt's loss in the playoffs. The better team won that fateful Sunday. The way the team lost leaves a bitter pill. I console myself with the year the Steelers have had. Last year they were 15-1, their loss in the playoffs , I think, was even more devastating than the Colts' this year. I believe they have used last year's failure as motivation to get to the biggest Super Bowl ever --XL.

We have started indoor practice for baseball. Long time readers will know the youngest son lives for baseball. He is on a pretty good team and we are taking the game and our long-term prospects seriously this year. We had a lot of success last year and there is every reason to think the World Series is a realistic goal.

As I write this, the sun has burned a hole in the cloud cover. I feel my spirit rise on the sunbeam. It is Monday, a new week, a new day. Learn something today. Love someone today. Thank God for your blessings.

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