January 10, 2006

Mr. Smith, Where are you?

I was perusing my local newspaper yesterday. The issue featured a series of articles interviewing elected leaders and department heads about their plans and goals for the year. The articles listed project after project, new ordinances and laws, complaints about budgets and lots of promises. We learned that our local elected officials are spending our tax money with gusto, and doing their best to shove government deeper into our lives with regulations on garbage cans, and the number of trash bags they will allow, smoking ordinances and the like.

Not one single elected representative stated that their goal was to reduce taxes. None at the city or county level wanted to reduce the role of government. Not surprising, you might think, until you consider this fact -- every single elected office in my city and county is held by a Republican.

I am not the first, but I will tell you the Republican Revolution is over. Our Federal Representatives have long ago adopted the beltway tax and spend disease. When we have lost the focus of true Reaganian Conservative principles at the local level we are screwed. It appears our only viable choice is bad Republicans and even worse Democrats. Do not tell me to vote Libitarian, they do not run at the small local level. If they did the haze of pot smoke surrounding campaign headquarters makes the party a joke.

I am sure similar situations can be found in every town and community across the Nation. Why has the Party slipped from the principles that put it into office. When will the local representatives realize that the mainstream of America (especially in flyover country) is conservative. We do not want more laws, more taxes, more government programs, more wetlands, more eminent domain. We want to pay the minimum taxes for the minimum services. We want our trashed picked up, our fire departments and police protection and good roads. Anything else is a waste of my money.

I want a politician that somehow remembers that State and Federal Money is still tax money. I want him or her to remember that every local income tax and property tax dollar spent is the hard earned income of a local resident. I want an elected official that says first, before any other decision, "this is taxpayer money, do I need to spend it?" I want politicians everywhere to focus on absolute NEEDS, not wants. I still want term limits, open campaign finance reports, an elimination of the Federal Education Department and all budget increases at EVERY level to be held to the rate of inflation.

Representatives and Senators should be paid 10% higher than the average wage of their district or state. They should be limited to three terms for a Representative and two for a Senator. If you can not get your agenda accomplished in that time, we need a more effective representative. I want the Supreme Courts to rule only on cases that are in the Constitution. All law should be made at the lowest possible level (ie.; the city/county should have the most laws, the State fewer, the Federal Government fewest of all). Just because you are in office does not in any way obligate you to make new laws.

Politicians, listen to me. I want lower taxes. I want fewer services. I want less Government in my life. I want no more raises and permanent benefits voted for yourselves. I want the reports from independent councils released. I want the lobbyists gone, and your ass out of office after just a few terms. Here is my pledge, I will not vote for you if you do not try to limit government and lower taxes while you are in office. I will vote for anyone else.

That is my pledge, my screed, my manifesto. Get with the program or get a real job. That is my warning to you Mr. Mayor, Mr. Councilman, Mr. Representative, Mr. Senator, Mr. President. I for one am fed up.

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