January 5, 2006

Thoughts on the Rose Bowl

Here are some random thoughts on last nights national Championship Game:

1. What a game, for once the actual event lived up to it's hype.
2. Both of these teams were incredibly fast, it almost looked like NFL speed out there.
3. Based only on last night's game, if I were to choose a running back I would go after L. White from USC instead of R. Bush. That man was a load and hit the hole with startling power, speed and vision.
4. V. Young is a special player. Wow, that is all I can say. Unfortunately his abilities will be hampered in the NFL unless he moves from Quarterback. The coach and owner wherever he ends up are not going to want him out there facing injury on every play (see M. Vick).
5. R. Bushes lateral was the bonehead play of the day. What was he thinking? The team was not dire straights, he had a great run that garnered the first down. There was no reason to turn over the ball.
6. The DUMBEST play was the timeout called at the end of the game following the last Texas score. Of course they were going for two, a one or two point lead was meaningless if USC could get a score. The loss of this time out cost USC the slim chance they had to recapture the game.
7. Attention, the game is on the line, Young will likely RUN the ball with one minute to go. At that point he had already ripped USC for almost 200 yards, why was the defense watching him run by?
8. The officiating did not reflect well on the Big Ten. The missed call on the Young lateral in the first half was inexcusable. The replay on a clear catch late in the fourth was useless, he clearly was down by contact. I am not suggesting any kind of conspiracy, but there were two replays that were unnecessary, giving the gasping Texan defense a well needed breather. Why did it take so long to get the plays in from the sideline for USC? Texas was gasping and you gave them time. The delay of game penalty was huge, as was the timeout USC had to waste early in the second half to avoid a second delay penalty. I bet old Pete wished he had that one back during the final 19 seconds.
9. Missing 29 yard field goals and PATs in the Rose Bowl is no way to get that coveted NFL kicking spot.
10. I still liked the Rose Bowl when it featured Pac 10 and Big 10 Teams.
11. Who would not have liked to see Texas and Ohio State square off again in a tournament atmosphere?
12. Is it me or was there a period on the 2nd quarter when Leinert looked like a freshman QB playing in his first game? He pulled it out, got rid of the deer-in-the-headlights look and played the rest of the game pretty sharp.
13. You have 19 seconds to get into scoring position. USC runs a RUNNING Play. WTF?
14. Vince Young WOW.
15. Why did you call that timeout USC?

I know I repeated the last two, but I thought those points had the most impact on the game.

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