February 24, 2006

Bad, Bad, Hoosierboy -- a true confession

I am sitting here eating my lunch -- a hamburger, some Cheese Nips, a few green olives. I am washing it down with a root beer. I am grooving on Sinatra and the Red Norvo Quintet (Live in Australia). I am reading a few blogs. I realize something. I have a confession.

I have been reading blogs for a good long while now. I have been writing this piece o'crap for almost a year. I enjoy the heck out of writing and posting and reading your comments, even if I do get a mere fraction of the Tall Dogs' hits. I value each and every one of you who come here (that is not sarcasm -- I need the ego fodder).

With that out of the way, I have a confession to make. I think the Instapundit is about as boring a site as I have visited. I have tried to "get" it. I kept him in my favorites for a long time. Currently it is on my Yahoo home page. I rarely read it anymore because I find it a waste of my time. He links to other's work. He is the Cliff and Sparks Notes to the internet.

Look, I do not pretend I am Tolstoy or even Louis L'Amour. I cannot spell, my punctuation and grammar are sometimes weak. I do not express myself as well as I could. I usually spend about 5 minutes on a post. If I spent time and polished my writing this old blog would be better -- but here you get whatever spouts from the top of my mind. Reynolds is, without a doubt, smarter than I. He puts the time into his blog.

Here is my opinion: a lot of people hit the Instapundit site because it is "the" thing to do. How many of you spend quality time there? I have never added the Instapundit site to my links because I do not read him (and I will not put a hot link in here either). Maybe I am wrong. Set me straight. I have always said that education is a lifelong process. You big fans of the Puppy Blender should educate me right now. What am I missing?

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