February 15, 2006


I want to thank Otter for filling in for me while I was gone. I thought he wrote a very funny post. I am a little disappointed in the nasty comments from long-time reader Ted. It was Ted who gave me the advise to get a guest blogger the last time I was gone. Now he says nasty things about my brother's work. I assure you Otter thought out the post, and nasty comments are not appreciated. I bet Ted was the kid who tormented substitute teachers. I fear Otter will decline the next time I ask for help. I now have a choice, do I let it go, or do I ban a long time reader? Choices.

While watching the Olympics last night a thought occurred to me. You have a little boy who loves to skate. At some point he chooses hockey or Ice dancing. What is the impetus for that choice? These figure skaters are great athletes, no doubt. I sure cannot lift a shapely girl above my head ( I would not mind trying though). What draws these skaters to sequins, glitter and makeup? Was it overprotective moms who cringe at the violence of hockey? Was it a chance to get in with the chicks? What drives the choice of figure skating instead of hockey. Choices.

A Wednesday Quiz will be up soon. It is much easier this week. Check back and play along!

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