February 22, 2006

Go ahead make my day

I follow politics on a sometime basis, probably more than most. I really need some of you deep thinkers out there to help me. Why in the world is GW willing to risk all and use his first veto to ensure we turn over our ports to a company from the United Arab Emirates? I am not in favor of turning over almost all of our eastern ports to any foreign nation, but especially to a nation that has never been a strong supporter of our country. Why is Bush so adamant on this? It was bad enough when Carter gave away the Panama Canal (now controlled at each end by the Chinese btw), but these are very busy domestic ports. Yes, I will admit a part of my concern is that this is a Muslim country, a known supporter of terrorists in the past. I do believe I would not be in favor even if the control were going to the Brits or the Canuks. The Indy airport is managed by a British firm, and I do not think much of that either.

Go ahead Bush, veto legislation stopping this transfer. I will punish your party and every jackanape who sides with you on this issue. I only have one vote, but I think I am not alone in this.
Edit. I will freely admit when I may be wrong. My big objection was that foreigners were taking over -- well foreigners already ran the ports. Read this for a nice argument in favor. Or read this for a succinct no nonsense approach. Mea Culpa. That is why research is important.

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