February 23, 2006

I hate that damn song

The song Spinning Wheel from Blood, Sweat, and Tears is on the radio. I hate that fucking song. I will turn it off in a heartbeat. I also hate Steve Miller's Joker. Before that they were playing that opera shit from Queen.

There is a huge amount of 70's pop and disco that I consider total pieces of shit, and anything by Manfred Mann falls into that category for me. Also especially high on the shitty song list is Afternoon Delight. I like the idea, the song makes me want to puke chunky bits of the corndog I had for lunch.

Gotdamn, I just turned the station back and now they are playing Mr. Blue Sky from ELO. That radio station is determined to make me sick. That makes four of my least favorite songs in a row! It is obviously a conspiracy, I know they hate me. I think I will put in a CSN CD so I can summon the energy to go back to work.

What songs do you hate?

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