February 20, 2006

Kids -- not the goat kind

I was at the mall yesterday and I found myself in the restroom. I was doing my business. A few urinals down a man had a couple of little kids. They looked to be about three and four. He was trying to keep them close, and help them with their pants and shirts and stuff.

The Man asked one of the kids "What is that all over your shirt?"

"Its boogies" says the boy.

"How did they get all over your shirt" the dad asks, knowing the answer, but he just has to be sure.

"I picked 'em at church, but I didn't know what to do with 'em. I just wiped 'em on my shirt." I could not see the boy, but I knew he was smiling with innocence.

Little kids are so great, they always tell the truth.

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