February 9, 2006

Monday Night Football

As any of you that care about such things already know, Monday Night Football is moving to ESPN next season. The announcing team has been released. Theismann is already about as annoying as you can get, but Kornheiser...good god, that man is a jerk and so annoying that I quit watching most of the programming on ESPN because just seeing commercial spots for his PIT show gave me a case of the red eye anger. I feel the need to take a shit after I see him on ESPN just to purge my body of any bile that is associated with that gasbag. The only person who could make the whole telecast more annoying is if they found a way to force feed Dickie V into the football commentary. Of course, since there is only one NFL team in Carolina, he would not be interested.

Why are they ditching Al Michaels, one of the best and most patient broadcasters in history? He has had put up with Madden and Dennis Miller. Well, I do not think I will watch many games next season unless the Colts are playing. Even then I will turn off the sound and listen to the local play-by-play broadcast.

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