February 28, 2006

The new goodnight kiss

Last night there was a report on the local news about two high school newspapers in Indiana that are facing censorship from the schools' administration. The controversial articles deal with the increase in oral sex among high schoolers. According to reports, teens are increasingly viewing oral sex as an alternative to intercourse. The good news is that teen births are down. The bad news is the increase in STDs among our youth.

Teens are viewing oral sex as not "sex". Some teenagers now refer to a blowjob as the "new goodnight kiss." Older Americans who view oral sex as the most intimate of sexual acts, are flumoxed by this new attitude.

The best part of the report, this new attitude about oral sex, not sex, was Bill Clinton and his refusal to admit he had "sex" with Lewinsky was blamed for the prevailing attitude! There Bill Clinton, you have your legacy. Casual blowjobs are an expectation among today's young males. The rise in herpes, syphilis, and chlamydia can be laid in your lap...er, well, you know.

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