February 13, 2006

Otter the Sub

It started Friday afternoon when I got the call. The anticipation built, the excitement, the hunt, the kill, the standing with one foot on the dead prey beating your chest yelling “WOOHOO!” I was getting to drive the Hoosierboy safari boat for two days while he works in the internet-less rural countryside doing whatever it is he does on a daily basis besides minding his “blog”.
I had so many ideas…..
But now it has hit me again, the dreaded disease, the feeling that I haven’t had in years. The ailment I caught so many times in a storied undergraduate career and then again in grad school. The sickness that plagued me and caused so many of the fine men at Guinness to remain employed whilst I desperately try to bring words to paper. The dreaded “writers block”. Perhaps similar to teen, it was the entire anticipation aspect of getting to “do it”. Now it seems rather anti-climatic and I’m not sure I can get the job done.
My first thought when Hoosierboy asked me to substitute for him was that I was going to take a number of shots at my baby brother. Talk about the bonehead things he did as a kid, the crazy stuff he did in high school and college. Air all of Hoosierboy’s laundry and dirty little secrets. Offer a unique insight to Hoosierboy that many of you only think / wonder about (you need some other hobbies). But I realized when he returned he would have the last laugh, he would simply change the password and nail me unmercifully and relentlessly until I have to call Mom and have her make him stop.
I was going to do the old religion or political shtick but did not want to cause any major uprisings on the Hoosierboy site while he was not here to mediate.
I was going to talk about my family, but I only have two days to spout forth my meanderings, and trust me, two days won’t cut it, even if I write nonstop until Hoosierboy returns from his trek.
I was going to talk about our childhood in a rural Indiana town, how we spent our summers, filled our time, but I will leave that to Hoosierboy in his future endeavors.
I was going to offer insight as to how different Hoosierboy and Otter are – again probably not much different than any other siblings in the world, so no need to bore you with that tripe.
So I guess now I realize that I have just done for Hoosierboy, what I did a countless number of times throughout my life, I made it up as I went……Perhaps I will try to be a bit more creative for tomorrow, but then again, maybe not.
Substituting for Hoosierboy in a most humble and honorable way,

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