February 1, 2006

A post for Yossarian

I mentioned below my sad and pathetic days as a librarian. I had worked at the library a few months and had learned most of the basics. My schedule was firm and routine. One week I was asked to trade days with a co-worker. Since that meant I would work a weekday morning instead of a Saturday, I jumped at the chance.

Each week we received a shipment of new books from Baker and Taylor. The books had to be cataloged, card catalog cards were made, and the book was sent to the basement for processing. This involved putting on the plastic cover, stamping the library name inside the book, and gluing on the pocket for the circulation card inside the front cover. Remember this was the dark ages, before computerized circulation and card catalogs. I was instructed to go downstairs to help Bobbi prepare the books.

Bobbi spent all day doing the above tasks and repairing books. She worked part time and I never worked with her. I saw her occasionally at shift change or staff meetings. She was nice, but by all accounts her husband was an abusive ass and her kids were heathens.

I went down to the basement and began working. Of course we began to talk, the tasks were not exactly mental challenges. Bobbi seemed pretty nice. After some time I looked at her while she was talking and I noticed she had the most beautiful eyes. Her glasses seemed to magnify their size. The very slight hint of green eye shadow made the deep milk-chocolate of her eyes stand out. Her cheekbones were high, and I realized she was quite pretty...If you could forget she had a serious mustache.

Sorry, my patrons were old or little kids. Only one female who used the branch library was moderately attractive, and she was a bitch. One old lady came in to flirt with me every day, and lots of preteen girls stopped by. It was dull and boring and did not pay much. As a job it sucked.

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