February 16, 2006

Quiz Answer

Walt was the first to get it right -- yes it is the Mighty Mac -- the bridge across the Mackinac Straights. This bridge connects the Upper and Lower Michigan Peninsulas. The bridge is over 5 miles long and the road is 199 feet above the water at midspan. The main cables are comprised of more than 42,000 miles of wire. The central span is 8,600 foot long.

It is this bridge as much as any other that got me over my fear of bridges. I have to cross this bridge each way to visit one of my customers. My first crossing jitters many years ago were not helped when a colleague told me that a car had blown off this bridge before.

My last crossing (last summer) there was a high wind warning. Trucks were not allowed to cross. The wind was so strong, I had to turn the steering wheel into the wind. It was very scary and my old bridge fears came back for a bit. The view from the bridge is terrific. To the west is Lake Michigan, to the east is Lake Huron.

I have to admit I chose this only because I love the picture with the lightening. Next week I will test your mad history skilz. Or your recollections of my archives. You had better go back and read all of the previous posts and look at every picture I published, so you can be the first to get the answer right!

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