February 8, 2006

Wednesday Quiz

I rarely eat breakfast. I might have cereal or eggs on a weekend morning. Once every couple of months I might get McDonald's for breakfast on a week day. I mentioned to my wife this morning she was running late.

"Poptarts take a long time to eat." she said. "Donuts are much faster".

I asked how long can it take to eat a Poptart? "They get too hot, then you have to wait on them before you can eat them" I was told. When I pointed out that you could change the settings on the toaster so they did not get so hot, she said "You do not understand. Just never mind." No I do not understand. Can you breakfast people help me with this?

Anyway on to the feature you are here for. I will tell you now, this weeks picture is really hard. Tougher than last week. The massive editorial and writing staff at Fat in Indiana have decided to make this week's quiz into a little game. Throughout the day, additional hints will be offered. It will be like a scavenger hunt, you may have to go to old posts to find the answers and hints. Genius Huh? You keep coming back for the hints, I get more hits! You read old posts, and love me all the more when you see my genius. We all win with the Wednesday Quiz.
I will post the first hint in about an hour. Good luck students!

hint #1: It is a battlefield. ( I know that is little help at all).
hint #2: if I were to do a Hoosierboy Profile in courage, the soldiers at this battle would be an entry.
hint #3 I would look at the post 230 years after the date of Paul Revere's famous ride.
hint #4 The place is not in the US. I have never been there, but it is likely that Kim DuToit has.
hint #5 -- final hint...the heirs of Shaka gained the spoils

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