March 1, 2006

Hint #2

I find myself in a shitty mood again today. I have hurt my shoulder, maybe it is just arthritis, I just know it feels like a hot knife has been plunged in my joint for the last several days. The pain makes me angry and quick-tempered. I have had to restrain myself from commenting on some of my favorite blogs, less I flail liberals with heavy doses of sarcasm and truth. I even skipped an opportunity to lash out here on Fat in Indiana yesterday. I am concerned as the shoulder in question is my right one, the throwing arm. Baseball tryouts begin next week. It is hard to coach and help the little one when you cannot throw or play catch. At this point I am not even sure I can hit grounders for infield practice. I may have to break down and see the local witch doctor.

So far, no guesses on the Wednesday Quiz. You have to ID the people in the picture to get the first hint. Here is the next clue (It has little or nothing to do with breakfast):

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