April 5, 2006

Chapter 4, wherein the Hoosierboy laughs and guffaws

I was reading a great book by Bernard Cornwell last week. He is a terrific writer of historical fiction, especially the Sharpe Series. You should read those books. Go now and buy them.

Back already? Anyway I was reading his novel "Redcoat"( about the Revolutionary War) and I came a cross a passage that I thought was so funny that I actually dogeared the page, so I would be able to share it with you:

John Andre trimmed a candlestick. "I hate to disagree with you sir,but I think Mr. Washington has to attack...He'll fight, sir, to draw the French into the war."

..."And why would the French risk another whipping?" Zeigler asked.

"Because the French have short memories," Andre said happily. "Every defeat only encourages them to believe in their own invincibility."

The pattern of French losses followed by utter arrogance remains unabated to this day.

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