April 10, 2006

Give me a break

If you live in "da region" aka NW Indiana, you should consider moving. The area is in danger of becoming completely Chicagoized. The City Council in Lake Station is going to offer a resolution to encourage Congress to impeach the President.

As impeachment means to charge with a crime, I guess the city council will soon be passing a resolution to charge Bill Clinton, John Kerry, Madeline Albright, Al Gore, Nancy Pelosi and the Secretary General of the UN with lying about the existence of WMD in Iraq? Will the Mayor also encourage formal charges to be filed against the Clinton and their illegally gained FBI files of innocent Americans? At least the people that were spied upon by GW were talking to suspected terrorists. Some of the people the Clintons targeted for IRS and FBI investigations had done nothing except work in the WH Travel office.

I guess we will be paid in full for trying to call a President into account for lying under oath in a trial. You Dems can claim it was about sex, but those of us with any intelligence know it was about denying a woman her day in court. Do not even get me going about the feminists.

Lake Station, I hope you fall into the lake. Why don't you just ask be annexed into the Peoples Republic of Illinois why you are at it?

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