April 3, 2006

Good Mooorninnng, America

I am back, rested and relaxed. For the first time in more than 40 years Indiana has joined the world of Daylight Savings Time. I spent yesterday changing clocks. I even had to change the clock on the old computer. Bill Gates has installed Indiana as a time zone entity, and now I am just one of you millions of Eastern Time Zoners. Last night severe storms, and tornadoes ripped through the area. The power flashed off, and the clock routine had to start again.

What a welcome for the basketball fans in town for the Final Four. Thursday we had severe weather (tornadoes destroyed some houses a few miles from my home)ad more again last night. TV reported that there were revelers from LSU and California out on the balconies of the hotels watching the storms. Police and Hotel officials had to explain that tornadoes are real and deadly. There is some comment about LSU and New Orleans and Nuts from California, but I will leave it to you to make your own joke.

I have a rant for those jackass protesters regarding the immigration bill. Let us just say I am pissed, and stay tuned.

A huge thanks to Otter for filling in while I was out. I had visions of him changing the password and hijacking the old blog. I missed you all, I will be commenting again soon as I get caught up with work and life. It is funny how posting here can become an obsession. Is there a blogs anonymous? I missed reading so many of your blogs. I missed sharing my junk with you. Life, she sure is funny.

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