April 28, 2006

Liars and hypocrites

I am going to ask again, politely, all of you Democrats that think Bush should be impeached because he lied about the reasons we went to Iraq, do you also agree that Bill Clinton, Madeline Albright, and Al Gore should be indicted as well for lying to the country? Can you please tell me what is different about what GW said and what the previous administration said about Iraq?

Can you tell me again how this is the most dishonest administration when the previous President LIED UNDER OATH? Attention (thumps you in the head with a bat) it was not about sex, it was about the President being a fucking liar.

This administration has been accused of making the world more dangerous. What administration allowed the sale of guidance software to the Communist Chinese, solving a long-standing problem with Chicom nuke missiles? Now they can target accurately the US, when before they were lucky to hit the Pacific Ocean.

Iraq was not about oil. If that were true, we would not be paying $3 bucks a gallon. You sound like idiots with that chant.

Hello all of you liberals that think we owe every poor huddled mass a refuge, did you read Day by Day today?
That cartoon is always on the mark, but never more than today.

Finally, if you want to be successful in the coming elections, perhaps it would be nice to see the Democrats actually be FOR something, offer a Democrat vision, instead of just being against whatever the Republican is for. For me this is true at every level -- local, state and Federal.

Now, Republicans: stop acting like Democrats, remember the vision of less government, remember who brought you to the dance, or face the wrath of the conservative base. GW, do you want to bring your poll numbers back up? Act like the conservative you pretended to be when we elected you.

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