April 25, 2006

Nothing to offer

Maybe I have posted on this before, I am too lazy to check. Since I am not working I have plenty of time to blog. I used to crank out posts frantically in the morning and at lunch. Now, I've got nothing. I am bored with politics, the Rinos make me sick, the dems are so far in left field they just look and sound crazy. I am so sick of the illegals and Bush I am spent.

Cubs win a thriller last night. My boys team sucked in their preseason scrimmage on Saturday. We played three innings in an opening day exhibition game -- 5 strike outs in 11 batters. What more can I say? We have practice scheduled for today -- of course it is raining and cold. The travel team split a double header against the team we lost to in the State Finals last year. The little one played OK, one strike out, tow fielders choices and one fly out and one ground out. A big zero batting average. He did get a stolen base. He came to bat in the bottom of the 6th (they only play 6) with two outs and bases loaded. He hit a hard ground ball into the gap at short. The shortstop made a diving play and flipped the ball to second for a fielder's choice out to end the game. He was pissed. I asked him if he was nervous and he told me no -- he knew he could hit that pitcher. He was just mad he did not get a better hit.

To my regular readers I am sorry I have nothing better, rants and such will come in time. At this rate, given my bloggers block, I will have to resort to the Wednesday Quiz to get a post!

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