April 11, 2006

Tuesday Afternoon...

I will write this post for the third time this afternoon, Blogger keeps going down. I am sure the quality of the post is lost through repeated effort.

This unemployment thing is leaving me exhausted. Already today I have done the dishes, ran a load of laundry, talked to possible employers, sent out resumes and mowed the yard.

My neighbor hires a kid from down the street to do his lawn, and the kid does a terrible job. A nine year old has no business driving a lawn tractor, but that just makes his parents idiots. The kid cannot mow a straight path for anything. I am an anal retentive jerk that insists on the mowed paths being perfectly straight. I have been known to mow over an area just to make sure the lines are straight. It is not that I have a beautiful lawn, I just like the mowed paths to be straight. This kid does such a horrible job that I have to mow several strips to get my lawn started evenly. To make matters worse, he stops mowing a good 3-4 feet short of the property line in some places. I did not mind this so much when I had a riding mower, but now that I have to use a push mower my fat ass is resentful. If I could ever see my neighbors I would tell them what I think. In the year and half they have lived there we have never spoken or been outside at the same time.

Anyway, the grass was really not too long, but we are expecting rain later in the week. Rain, coupled with warmer temperatures means the yard would have been too high by the weekend, and I do not want to rake the clippings.

I had the rare treat of speaking to my Texas twin, Shoe this morning. She was kind enough to discuss possible employment. I have a revelation, Shoe got my virginity...she is the first blogger I have ever spoken to in person (to the best of my knowledge). She is kind and wonderful, and is only one of a handful of people who knows my secret identity! Thanks, Shoe.

I have to find something for lunch and take a shower. Who would not like to be me today?

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