May 8, 2006

The azaleas are in bloom

It is May in Indy. The over-hype about a once great race begins in earnest. The lead coverage was opening day at Indianapolis Motor Speedway on every newscast last night. Only by listening closely could you determine there were a whopping eight cars on the track. Gone are the halcyon days of the seventies when tens of thousands of fans filled the stands every day just to see cars practice. Fifty cars and drivers would compete for the 33 starting spots. Now the race struggles to fill the field.

Worse, we can expect more coverage of average driver Danica Patrick. She came in fourth last year, but I bet if you were to ask the public, more than one person would claim she won the race! The IRL promoted her at every venue, but statistics show she was sub-average throughout the year. Enough already, put her on the news when she wins something.

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