May 26, 2006


I am sitting at the table this morning looking at some blogs, answering Emails for work. I take a sip of coffee and see some movement on my deck. I look up expecting to see a bird taking one of the hundreds of daily craps on the deck. A bunny is sitting on the deck staring through the window at me. I try not to move, to see how long it will last. I try not to scratch my ass or balls, or to swear out loud. Who knows, I have heard Santa sends elves to spy on us to see if we are naughty or nice, maybe the Easter Bunny has his minions as well? He looks a moment and walks away in the awkward long legged style a rabbit does when it is not running.

Two trips in two weeks have convinced me the authorities in Illinois in charge of hiways are sadistic assholes. Is it really necessary to do construction on EVERY SINGLE highway in the Chicago area at once? Do we need half-finished toll booths at every instance? Would it not have been a better plan to finish one toll plaza before starting the next? I feel for OG and others who have to navigate that nightmare on a daily basis. I did buy an Ipass, that helps a little, but now I have that ugly box glued to my windshield.

I have tons of work due today, call reports, two weeks of expense reports, appointments to make etc. After two straight 16 hour plus days, I find little motivation to get after it today. Oh, well it is a long weekend, enjoy it people.

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